Total Excellence total excellence
Symply the best, better than all the rest. The Ultimate High Performance Organzation,


Strategy Deployment Stragegy deployment
'Strategy in Practice'
Your Strategy unambigeous to the Shopfloor,


vak c professionalization 
Motivated employees, lifelong learning and performing,


Why Allign?

The claims of Allign:

Total Excellence – the Ultimate High Performance Organization (HPO):

  • Not percentages but a factor improvement potential
  • Improving both top- and bottom line
  • Significant cost savings by reducing the cost of:
  • Deviations from the real (intended) strategy
  • Non-alignment in the organization
  • Deviations from Operational excellence
  • Deviations from a holistic approach
  • Deviations from common sense.
  • Deviations from Functional maturity
  • All in one ‘language’ and one set of definitions

Introduction of Strategy Deployment:

  • Become agile in adapting to required changes
  • All projects and activities derived from the strategic goals
  • Vertical (vision to action) and Horizontal (Goals to performance systems) Alignment
  • Shared insights in strategy and interrelation of elements



Integral Workforce Professionalization (IWP):

  • Improvement become really sustainable
  • Managerial Excellence and Functional Excellence supporting and strengthening Operational Excellence.
  • All based on solid business cases
  • Significantly improved transfer of individual learning to team performance
  • Everyone clearly understands his/her contribution to the organizations’ strategy
  • Everyone knows his/her role(s)
  • Everyone understands the differences between working in the line, working in projects and working in (supply) chains
  • Sustainable employability
  • Higher employee satisfaction.